The Academy of Management Nigeria is an autonomous, independent and non-profit, non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit body of management scholars. The objective of the academy is to encourage, promote and give effect to the pursuit of scholarship of the highest order in Management. The Academy was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission under Incorporated Trustees with Certificate Number 000533 on June 7, 2004.

A brief history is presented here.


To continuously be on the cutting edge of management thought and practice for the benefit of mankind.


The Academy of Management Nigeria strives for intellectual rigor and best practice in Management.


The objectives of the Academy shall be to:

  • Encourage the pursuit of scholarship of the highest order in Management;
  • Conduct research into all aspects of Management relevant to the Nigerian situation;
  • Examine the relevance and applicability of management theories and practices from other countries to the Nigerian situation;
  • Create a national forum for the coordination of efforts to promote management theory in aid of practice;
  • Develop management theories from the peculiar Nigerian experience which recognise the various cultures of the country;
  • Seek to make management impact on all aspects of national life and policies for the most efficient and effective utilization of Nigeria’s resources for the continuous improvement of the lives of the citizens of the country;
  • Seek the improvement of Nigeria’s international standing and influence through the promotion of relevant management theories and best business practice;
  • Encourage and undertake various publications, such as books, bulletins, journals, monographs and newsletters for the dissemination of research findings in management and results of the application of such theories to the Nigerian environment;
  • Cooperate with similar institutions in the promotion of management in the service of humanity;
  • Undertake any other such activities which will contribute to the attainment of the broad objectives of the Academy in the overall national interest.

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